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Introduction to me

2009-10-12 17:18:23 by Mozzak

Hey guys,I'm Mozzak.
I am currently learning the bases of Flash,and for now I'm most active in Audio Portal.
I have a bunch of songs and I refresh the list every week with at least 1 new song or so.
I also have a band named "The Belt" and we are currently practising for the first gig here in Belgrade(Serbia,ex.Yugoslavia).I play the drums.
If you wonder what Mozzak means,it means brain(you could get the idea from my avatar)on Serbian language.
Have a nice life.
LoL woot 1337 h4x0rgs pwN1gn mEH


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2009-10-20 14:58:05

Ako ti treba kakva pomoc oko Flasha, ne ustrucavaj se pitat. Nisam neki profesionalac, ali rado cu pomoc ako budem mogao :)